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Offender s name Case No. Select Race Gender D. O. B. SSN Sex offender Yes No DNA Sample Collected Yes Offense s Please do not use abbreviations specify count I count II etc. Date convicted Date probation began Probation period Offender currently on probation under another case number Yes if yes please provide whether the other term runs concurrently or consecutively and whether the offender is in compliance with the terms of probation Restitution amount owed schedule of payments Residence...
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The procedure in Florida variesdepending on if you're trying totransfer to another County in Floridaversus out-of-state in County typicallythe way the procedure works you talk toyour probation officer give them an ideaof the county that you're seeking totransfer to then typically you mustpetition the court for that transfer aslong as everything is being compliedwith in terms of the conditions of yourprobation typically that's not an issueout of state is different there is afederal statute called the interstatecompact act where you have eithermandatory transfers or basically nonmandatory transfers to a different statethe issue there is will the receivingstate and that state is the state you'retrying to go to will they accept you asa probation candidate and based on thestatute whether you've got relatives inthe accompanying state a job alreadylined up those are the type of factorsthat will be have to be looked atwhether or not it's a mandatory transferunder this act versus a non mandatory